Dare to be Stupid – Two Teams, Two Big Moves, One Broken Heart

Kendrick Perkins has his limitations.  If you are throwing the ball down to him possession after possession, your offense probably needs a lot of help.  He can’t hit a 20 footer.  But he is a hellacious defender, knew what he was, and a great screen setter.  His scowl was one of the iconic images of this current generation of Celtics.  So his trade hits home a bit.  You hate losing people who have won titles for you.  But you don’t want to overvalue your own guys either.  Perk was not over or underrated, but properly valued by this team.  But he was a player who had trade value.

Celtics get Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic and a protected 2012 first round pick (originally Clippers)

Thunder get Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson

The Celtics are shifting to be a smaller team.  Jeff Green gives their roster some positional flexibility they did not have previously – he can swing between the 3 and 4, and they can deploy lineups like they did in 2008 with James Posey.  However, their ability to defend the post has been substantially weakened.  However, can their strong defensive concept allow then to manage using Glen Davis, an acquired buyout.  The draft pick is useful, whenever it gets cashed in – and the Celtics are in excellent position after this 2 year run is over.  However, for the immediate term, this is a risk.  (The Celtics also freed up some roster spots by dealing Marquis Daniels, Luke Harangody and Semih Erden – but really I have nothing to say)

For the Thunder, this gives them the size underneath they lacked against the Lakers.  Perkins is not a 35 minute a game stalwart, but he is sure as hell a 25-30 minute one when healthy.  He is tough and rugged and able to match up with the bottomless array of West bigs.  Robinson – well he is fun, but I am not sure how he fits in their plans, although he does some of the same things Russell Westbrook does – so their 2nd unit might have use.

However, this is not the end of either team’s moves:

Thunder get Nazr Mohammed

Bobcats get DJ White and Morris Peterson

The Thunder get a useful big man to tag team with Perkins for two players I forgot existed?  Sign Sam Presti up!  Obviously the Peterson deal is a classic salary cap corpse – he might not play a day for the cheapskate Bobcats.  DJ White I remember from the Hoosier days.  He has some ability and potential I suppose – I mean they had to acquire him for some reason, right?


The Bobcats also moved their one all-star:

Blazers get Gerald Wallace

Bobcats get Joel Pryzbilla, Sean Marks, Dante Cunningham a 2011 first round pick and a 2013 protected pick

This feels like the Bobcats got a haul.  Really they got Cunningham, two picks and a couple of expiring deals.  I’m sure that will make their fans feel better.  The Blazers get a good small forward with some power forward skills.  Considering their push to make the playoffs – and how soft the Western Conference bottom is at this point, why the hell not.


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