2011 NBA Finals Preview

Without a ton of time to write, and because I’ve done a pretty extensive writeup on both teams at various intervals through this shiznit, let’s just stick with a few random things:

  1. Can Dallas play Barea and Terry together against the Miami wings?  Will the Wade factor be too much?
  2. Rebounding could decide the series.  Neither team is very good at it.  However with Chandler, Haywood and Nowitzki, Dallas has more bodies to throw at the problem.
  3. Free throws will also be a big deal.  Dallas was one of the worst teams in the league at getting to the line all season (with some exceptions in the last series) while Miami has been the league’s best all season.  Can Dallas manage the “hidden points” gap there?
  4. Nowitzki’s mismatch on Miami is substantial.  However, the story will be Dallas’ wings defensively against Miami’s ferocious firepower.  Can Dallas between the zones and Shawn Marion, find a way to cobble together a solution.

The pick: Miami in 6.  Dallas has Nowitzki and has been good all season.  But Miami with those top of the roster guys … pains me to say it …


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