Random NBA Musings

With the NBA shutting its doors, a few final thoughts:

  1. The Finals were of course riveting.  Dirk Nowitzki deserves the love he got, although he has been this good for years.  Finally his TEAM won, so he is suddenly a better human being.  It’s funny how TV analysts work.  But the right team won.  Dallas showed composure throughout the series late, and the coaching adjustments Rick Carlisle made throughout allowed the Mavericks to hang with Miami despite their wings being desperately ill equipped to stop the Heat … on paper.
  2. The Heat have to be disappointed.  LeBron’s disappearing act has been written about ad infinitum.  Indeed he was visibly turning down not just looks, but the chance to crush horrific defensive matchups.  It was just weird to see him look, not lost, but uninterested in producing magic.  When someone notes that he is a Yankees and Cowboys fan – a guy who doesn’t want to bleed for it – I don’t know it’s true, but the evidence is there.
  3. The NBA draft did not elicit a post from here – mostly because it was so lacking in interesting names.  I mean, seriously, is there a perennial all-star of this crop?  No.  Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams are guaranteed non-failures, but is a solid starter-fringe All Star enough to turn my insides all mushy?  Come on.  Otherwise the Wizards had the best draft – Shelvin Mack, Chris Singleton are both good character guys with good defensive chops while Jan Vesley could be the crazy run and jump ath-a-lete who can make John Wall look good.
  4. Worst draft belongs to the Kings.  Now they got some good players, but the predraft trade of the #7 pick for the #10 pick and John Salmons’ corpse makes absolutely no sense.  No basketball sense, no financial sense – one wonders if former wunderking GM Geoff Petrie is even alive.
  5. As far as the lockout goes?  The players get my approval here, although not my sympathy since nobody’s starvin here.  But the players are free to negotiate their own deals – the owners are free to pay them as the cap allows.  Nobody tells the owners to pay these players obscene salaries.  Are there struggling markets?  Yes, but then the NBA should try to make them not struggle.  Stern in the previous negotiation was going for cost certainty, which was stupid (what other business does that) but fine.  Now they are going for PROFIT certainty, which removes all the purpose of owning a business.  Why should a crap market that doesn’t support its team be profitable?  Moreover, if the large markets are not sharing revenues in a meaningful way, why should the players be the ones to solve things?  The players should give back something – but they know that.  The owners are trying to break them.
  6. I expect this to be a while.
On the last point, I hope I’m wrong.

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