The Ohio State Fair and Other Travel Notes

Some picked up pieces from the latest trek to Ohio:

– The first major day took us to the Ohio State Fair.  It is one of the deals that seems grander in a childhood mind’s eye than it really is.  That said, there is a sky ride and a ferris wheel – granted the sky ride looked low enough that a fall might not even seriously injure anybody.  The fair was appropriately impressive with fried foods and giant turkey legs.  Indeed, if you have a significant other lady who will tear into a turkey leg shamelessly in front of you – you have a keeper.

Hampshire Pigs Racing
Pot Bellied Pigs - A slower, fatter pace

The other highlight besides the pig races – which yes, we wagered on (hey, it was only a dollar!) – had to be the petting zoo, which had a variety of animals, many whom seem in awfully close quarters for this sort of thing.

Pygmy Goats - Definitely the Petting Zoo Star
I think we can figure out what this one is.
Indigenous Ohio Zebra? Wait, what??!!!
– Day 2 took us to the staggering Hocking Hills in the Southeast part of the state.  This is a lovely state park which shows the hilly part of Ohio – which I actually never realized exists.  Compared to the north in the state which is as flat as any 80s R&B star hairdo, we got some legitimate hiking.
A view near the upper falls. Definitely the itch to bathe in the water. (considering it was so hot and humid)
A view of the flow of the water from the upper falls
Old Man Cave- Though I did not see any plumbing or FIOS for an old man to live there.
Ash Cave - Although less a gave than a crazy neat rock formation

– The final day took us to the North and Upper Sandusky.  The restaurant was The Village.  Given that I was arguably the youngest person there, it is safe to surmise that this restaurant was for the crusty old dudes demographics.  The menu did not belie this notion with the prominent inclusion of Cube Steak and a lot of other Real America treats which are homey but seem allergic to seasoning.  That said, I got a broasted chicken sandwich and broasted chicken is pretty darn awesome genrally.  Broasting, where the chicken is pressure cooked in oil – creates a crispy crust and a moist chicken while avoiding the greasiness that can hurt lesser fried chickens.  I am not sure whether the Village was good at broasting or if broasting is just that foolproof.


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