Alaska 2011 – Part III

No need for much verbage here.  After leaving Talkeetna the trip took us to Seward.  Unfortunately we used a motor coach and not the railroad for this leg – the driver was awfully chirpy.  It went well beyond homey banter and veered right into wildly irritating.  But the outcome was getting to Seward and a trip on a day cruise of Kenai Fjord’s National Park.  A few more pictures of the Exit Glacier will be added – but we have to make that trip first.  Really, outside of Anchorage, the entire state is one postcard after another – at least in the summer.  The food we had was all tourist geared and thus kind of mediocre – but really it is a minor quibble.  Besides, it gives us an incentive to come home!

The voyage begins - we are such a seafaring people
Funny that America's National Symbol is so hard to find in America (even if it wasn't endangered)
Otters so near the ship!
Kenai Fjords, viewing glaciers from the boat
A hard man readying for a hard voyage


As we rolled into the cove, we saw a total festival of gulls


Sea Lions in a Bangladesh-like throng
Forget the names of these birds, but they are the Northern Hemisphere's answer to the penguin. Except they can fly, but many of the other properties (look, walk) are similar.
Puffin Fresh!
Considering how murky (nutrient rich not polluted) the water is, that I could see a jellyfish was a mild surprise
Approaching a tidewater glacier
TIMBERRRRRR!!! Or whatever you say when an ice-slide occurs in a glacier ...
The camera was too slow when a few porpoises came near the boat. Fortunately no such problem occured when a pod of orcas showed up near the end of our voyage.



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