CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK – Quick Look (3-6-2012)

As slots get filled up and the field takes shape (note this is a “should”, not trying to predict necessarily), we’ll just go with the quick listing.  Rankings we use to determine the field are here.  So how did last night’s championship games affect things (the last four teams in are in red, clinched teams are underlined)?

  1. Syracuse
  2. Kentucky
  3. North Carolina
  4. Duke
  5. Kansas
  6. Michigan State
  7. Ohio State
  8. Missouri
  9. Wichita State
  10. Marquette
  11. Indiana
  12. Temple
  13. Baylor
  14. Georgetown
  15. Saint Louis
  16. Michigan
  17. Wisconsin
  18. Memphis
  19. Creighton
  20. New Mexico
  21. Gonzaga
  22. Florida State
  23. UNLV
  24. Vanderbilt
  25. Murray State
  26. Florida
  27. Louisville
  28. Alabama
  29. Saint Mary’s
  30. California
  31. Iowa State
  32. San Diego State
  33. Harvard
  34. Virginia
  35. Southern Miss
  36. Notre Dame
  37. Kansas State
  38. VCU
  39. Connecticut
  40. Oral Roberts
  41. South Dakota State
  42. Nevada
  43. Purdue
  44. Oregon
  45. West Virginia
  46. Belmont
  47. Cincinnati
  48. Long Beach State
  49. Seton Hall
  50. BYU
  51. Northwestern
  52. Drexel
  53. Texas
  54. Iona
  55. Washington
  56. Davidson
  57. Akron
  58. Montana
  59. Loyola-MD
  60. Bucknell
  61. Long Island
  62. TX-Arlington
  63. Detroit
  64. UNC-Asheville
  65. Stony Brook
  66. Western Kentucky
  67. Mississippi Valley State
  68. Savannah State

Last Four In: Northwestern, Texas, Drexel, Iona

First Four Out: NC State, Colorado State, MTSU, Xavier

Next Four Out: Miami-FL, Dayton, South Florida, Ohio

No bid thieves last night – though Western Illinois could have been one if the numbers broke down correctly.  As such, the Summit League still has two teams in (though in real life I doubt the committee could see that this is a just result).  Washington right now is in as a conference champ, but the Huskies are a bid thief right now, and if they lose their opener in the Pac 12 tournament, that will go away.  The big winner last night of course was Seton Hall, whose big win gets them back “in”, but this is all very fluid.


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