Live Blog: Klitschko-Thompson II

Tony Thompson, the only fighter in Wladimir Klitschko’s current 6 year title reign who even gave Klitschko a legitimate challenge – tries to shock the world.  Can he?

  1. Not much going on here.  Thompson pawing the jab, Klitschko lands a couple of decent rights, but neither guy was busy.  Klitschko on damage: Round to Klitschko 10-9 (10-9 overall)
  2. Thompson just not landing enough.  Klitschko stalking Thompson, throwing few jabs.  He doesn’t look worried.  Couple of shoves and slips for Thompson.  No knockdown.  Klitschko looks like he wants this to be quick.  Klitschko 10-9 (20-18 overall)
  3. Thompson at least trying a bit now.  Landed some jabs, couple of solid punches.  Klitschko still landing way too easily and harder.  But it was close.  Klitschko 10-9 (30-27 overall)
  4. Thompson wanted this to be a brawl.  But really Klitschko is the only one who is looking to land punches – stepped up the aggressiveness.  Thompson needs to throw punches when he goes in.  Feels like a matter of when, here – Thompson looks content to survive.  Round to Klitschko 10-9 (40-36 overall)
  5. Usually Wladimir starts with the jab and then arrives with the power stuff.  But this time, the jab only now starts with earnest.  Thompson, keeping his hands too low, let Klitschko hit him at will.  Klitschko finishes with big right-left combo to knock down Thompson.  Somehow Thompson holds and hangs on the rest of the round.  Round to Klitschko 10-8 (50-44 overall)
  6. Thompson still looks hurt from the previous knockdown.  He has seemed to stop throwing.  Klitschko now stalking him.  Wlad bullies Thompson to the corner and lands a four punch combo with some shoves in between.  Referee Sam Williams calls it a knockdown and counts. Thompson gets up, but refuses to let go of the ropes when Williams calls him towards him.  The fight is over!!  Klitschko wins with a 6th round TKO.

Really, this was even less competitive than the first fight with Thompson (11th round KO).  Another day, another easy title defense.  The gap between Klitschko and everybody but his brother is, shall we say, vast.  Thompson on resume is the best American heavyweight – sad as that is, give me another – but this was not remotely competitive.  This could have been more thrilling, but it was still a clinical thrashing.  Klitschko very professionally.


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