2012 College Football Update 1

In a relatively uninteresting week, there is not a ton to write about.  Obviously no power rankings to be had until schedule strength starts to emerge, and we need everybody to play 2 games for that.  However, we can go with adjusted scoring margins now – or at least adjust down teams with FCS opponents.  What is the very very early Top 10 so far?

  1. Central Florida (+38.5)
  2. Ohio State (+36.1)
  3. Notre Dame (+34)
  4. USC (+33.5)
  5. UConn (+32.5)
  6. Baylor, West Virginia (+31.5)
  7. (see 6)
  8. Nebraska, UCLA (+28.5)
  9. (see 8)
  10. LSU, Alabama (+27)

So, obviously we need to add some schedule data here.  If you ask me, the most impressive result was the Alabama destruction of Michigan.  At the same time, how good is Michigan really?  Should we really hold Alabama in such esteem for THIS?  The SEC had a solid week 1, although with Auburn losing the Clemson and Florida stumbling around with Bowling Green, there are some signs of a possible lack of depth.  Georgia we’ll need to learn more – especially with the Charmin soft schedule they seem to actually have in front of them.

Anyway, Central Florida should enjoy its moment in the sun – it probably won’t be lasting too long.


One thought on “2012 College Football Update 1

  1. scUM is awful and Robinson should be quartered for his performance. Beating that half rate team that VT should have torn vaginally is no prize. There is a new term for taking a shit, no longer taking my talents to south beach, but taking a Denard!

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