Rockland’s Barbeque and Grilling Company

You know, Hill Country is really not amazing barbecue.  I mean, it looks the part and how can you fault any place that sells decent sausages blah blah blah – but for anybody who has spent anytime in the South, it’s merely ok.  Of course, Hill Country is manna from heaven compared to Rockland’s in Arlington.  A while back I had the chance to get to Arlington as part of a meetup now that I am in the world of parents.

As a meetup joint, it’s actually pretty good.  You walk in and order at the counter – Chipotle style and then go and find a seat.  There is a small patio with picnic tables and such – the place clearly looks the part.  On a nice day, it’s pleasant to chill and have some adult beverages.  But this is a long way from an endorsement as a BBQ restaurant.

After all, there is the food.  I ordered a blackened catfish sandwich – the fish was blackened but you tasted more burn than seasoning.  Catfish is hard to mess up – but it was a tad on the overcooked side anyway.  The pulled pork sandwich the life partner got was not distinguished either.  I got a side of mac and cheese, which was perfectly competent, but nothing special and the slaw lacked flavor.  Overall, this place succeeds more as a setting for a happy hour than any sort of achievement of smoky meaty goodness.


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