Some restaurants are extraordinary versatile.  The average family restaurant – say, something with pieces of flair for instance – will have something for everybody, with many many dishes and erstaz Mexican, Italian, whatever.  You get American extrusions like Chop Suey or Alfredo – things which do not actually occur in nature (and this is coming from a guy who finds Alfredo all too delightful) – stuff for “everybody”.  Siroo, ain’t that.

Nope, if you hit Siroo in Annandale, you’re pretty obviously getting Korean – stop the presses there.  Moreover, you’re getting dduk, Korean rice porridge, and that’s really it.  Sure, there is a solid bakery, and some fascinating kimchee selections, but the porridge is the clear star.  There are a lot of varieties – vegetable, abalone, kimchee are ones I’ve tried – and they’re really good.  The kimchee has the spice and brininess you want, while all the flavors have that perfect sort of comforting quality that I crave in kongees.  The abalone was not overcooked – just a good textural and flavor accent.

It’s a one trick pony (mostly) – but a hell of a trick.


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