2014 College Football – Week 1 Stuff

Oh the college football I missed by having a family and stuff to do.  Really, I need to really dig harder into the much more “life friendly” Barclay’s Premier League – whose matches are half as long and get done in the morning.  At the same time, futbol does not give as many occasions to go to the toilet as the average college football game.  Really, when you look at some of them, you are getting Red Sox-Yankees 2004 level glacial game lengths.  I guess some of the restlessness comes from what Week 1 was, which was a bunch of teams playing a bunch of tomato cans.  Now, some of the matches were interesting – but for the most part you were watching Georgia Tech beat up on Dunwoody High School (though it was interesting for a half).  That said, the bits I saw of Clemson vs Georgia was a barnburner – which was easily the most compelling matchup of the weekend.  There were better games seemingly, but of the few minutes I got to see, none crackled like that one.  They really should play every year.  Now, with one game in the books – there is no real basis for rankings, no strength of schedule to deal with.  That said, we do have some DSRs which are at least interesting:

  • American
    • Best Offense: Memphis 87.8%
    • Worst Offense: SMU 33.3%
    • Best Defense: Memphis 38.1%
    • Worst Defense: UConn 82.1%
  • ACC
    • Best Offense: Duke 90.4%
    • Worst Offense: Wake Forest 29.4%
    • Best Defense: Pittsburgh 27.8%
    • Worst Defense: Syracuse 77.1% (Clemson tied, but this was not Villanova’s basketball team)
  • Big 12
    • Best Offense: Kansas State 87.8%
    • Worst Offense: Iowa State 66.7%
    • Best Defense: Baylor 33.3%
    • Worst Defense: West Virginia 80.5%
  • Big Ten
    • Best Offense: Michigan 85.7%
    • Worst Offense: Wisconsin 59.2%
    • Best Defense: Indiana 50.0%
    • Worst Defense: Rutgers 77.1%
  • C-USA
    • Best Offense: Western Kentucky 92.3%
    • Worst Offense: Southern Miss 46.9%
    • Best Defense: UAB 57.1%
    • Worst Defense: Louisiana Tech 86.8%
  • Independent:
    • Best Offense: BYU 82.1%
    • Best Defense: Notre Dame 66.7%
  • MAC
    • Best Offense: Toledo 91.1%
    • Worst Offense: UMass 52.6%
    • Best Defense: Northern Illinois 31.5%
    • Worst Defense: Bowling Green 92.3%
  • Mountain West
    • Best Offense: San Jose State 87.5%
    • Worst Offense: UNLV 60.0%
    • Best Defense: San Jose State 59.1%
    • Worst Defense: UNLV 87.8%
  • Pac-12
    • Best Offense: Oregon 88.9%
    • Worst Offense: UCLA 58.6%
    • Best Defense: Stanford 28.6%
    • Worst Defense: Colorado 81.6%
  • SEC
    • Best Offense: Texas A&M 92.0%
    • Worst Offense: Vanderbilt 44.8%
    • Best Defense: Mississippi State 46.9%
    • Worst Defense: South Carolina 92.0%
  • Sun Belt
    • Best Offense: Texas State 96.0%
    • Worst Offense: Troy 57.1%
    • Best Defense: LA-Monroe 29.4%
    • Worst Defense: Appalachian State 85.7%

Pretty clearly Texas A&M had the best offensive performance of the week – considering it was against a real opponent (though with only one datapoint, maybe I am giving South Carolina too much credit).  By end of Week 3, there should be some real rankings.





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