2015 College Football Ratings – Week 6, Mythical Tournament

Based on this week’s rankings, what if we had a proper 16 team tournament – with the ten conference champs and six at-large?  With the Utah-Ok St-TCU-Clemson top 4, you have WEST v EAST, MIDWEST v SOUTH regionally.  Using the S-Curve implied, and trying to avoid rematches especially in the first round. (automatics in bold)


  • (1) Utah v (4) Georgia Southern
  • (2) Ohio State v (3) LSU


  • (1) Clemson v (4) Alabama
  • (2) Texas A&M v (3) Temple


  • (1) Oklahoma State v (4) Boise State
  • (2) Florida v (3) Toledo


  • (1) TCU v (4) Western Kentucky
  • (2) Florida State v (3) Memphis


Last 2 teams in: Temple, Alabama

First two teams out: Michigan, Northwestern

Next two teams out: Michigan State, Oklahoma


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