Who’s Making Muffins?

Lurking in the bowels of cyberspace, Sriram occasionally belches out thoughts on sports, popular culture and occasionally photos of travel and random things that seemed like a good idea at the time.  While he has no particular interest in divulging his political proclivities – he openly cops to his love of Boston sports and all things good, and quite a few things bad in an interesting way.  Overall he hopes you arrived here safely and appreciate the mental burps.  Take care.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Making Muffins?

  1. I just saw this commercial on TV for about the third time… I figured I can’t be the only person creeped out by the quasi-flirtatious banter between mom and son, so I Googled “olive garden incest” and found your blog post. I shudder to think what happens after mom spends a couple hours plying her son with cheap wine and free breadsticks. Thanks for saying what many of us were thinking.

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