Red Sox Haiku – Game #2

Rays 7, Red Sox 2:

Lester will be fine

But made one bad pitch too much

Kazmir and Rays roll


Timothy Bradley Jr vs Kendall Holt – 140 lb Unification and Regret

Well, for people who follow boxing, Ricky Hatton is the only legitimate champion in a very deep 140 lb “junior lightweight division”.  This past Saturday, while my DVR was working, Timothy Bradley and Kendall Holt – each of whom hold an alphabet title of some sort – fought a unification fight.  It is actually an important fight, something Showtime has been telling us for months, kind of tactily admitting how bare their championship boxing schedule actually is.  Both fighters won their straps over fairly significant competition – Bradley beating highly regarded Brit Junior Witter and Kendall Holt beating Ricardo Torres in a pretty eventful 60 seconds of boxing.

Anyway, after a very entertaining undercard fight … hell, how does something with Librado Andrade not be entertaining … we get to the fight from Montral (between a guy from California and one from Jersey – I do not understand this beloved sport sometimes).  And really, Kendall Holt will be talking to himself for the rest of his career, after such a desultory performance.

It is not as if Bradley is great shakes.  Bradley just worked.  The perfect microcosm of the fight took place in Round 1.  After Bradley was sort of plugging away, mixing punches, “boxing” in a classic textbook (albeit kind of plodding) manner.  Then out of nowhere, Holt lands a huge counter and knocks down Bradley.  In 99% of fights, this sort of knockdown – which hurt Bradley – would cause the knocker downer to step his pace up and try to really go after him.  But instead, he just went about his business.  There was a KO to be had, and Holt chose not to chase it.

With this second chance, Bradley just started working, and Holt let him.  It was really weird to see, as round after round was being given away just because Bradley worked harder.  Despite his jab knocking Bradley back every time, despite his power uppercut in the 9th round, Holt never went after him, and he gave rounds away.  At times, I just was not sure how much he wanted to be there – like he had a date he was missing for this.  Even in the 12th, with his corner pleading for Holt to come forward, nothing was going on – except for a flash knockdown in the 12th (actually a knee, really hard to say).  Holt’s lethargy directly led to his defeat, as it should have – Bradley just wanted it more.  The judges had it 114-112, 115-111, 115-111, all for Bradley.  I had it 114-112.

Holt could have had it, but he did not go after it.  And either way, Hatton is still the king.

MLB Preview – NL West

One division to go, click to see AL East, AL Central, AL West, NL East, NL Central

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

Manny helps them hit

Kershaw will rise help them pitch

But no win ninety

2. San Francisco Giants

Lincecum Cain rock

Bursting at seams with youngsters

Good offseason too

3. Arizona Diamondbacks

So much young talent

But has underperformed some

Chris Young must rise up

4. Colorado Rockies

Pennant winner once

Still have Tulo and young arms

Could see them winning

5. San Diego Padres

Huge ballpark effect

But where will runs emerge from

Adrian needs help

MLB Preview – NL Central

Other divisions here, here, here and here:

1. Chicago Cubs

The billy goat curse

Is fake but is fun to discuss

This team is league best

2. Cincinnati Reds

Votto could be a star

Volquez is on his way there

Will Dusty stink

3. Saint Louis Cardinals

Pujols NLs best

Ludwick fluky Ankiel not

But need Carpenter

4. Milwaukee Brewers

Rickie Weeks its time

To live up to the promise

Gallardo step up too

5. Houston Astros

Ed Wade is moron

Hunter Pence and Roy Oswalt

Only source of hope

6. Pittsburgh Pirates

Always last it so seems

Have a few good players there

They will be traded

MLB Preview – NL East

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1. New York Mets

So much talent

A fantasy owner’s friend

Bullpen rises up

2. Philadelphia Phillies

Hamels hurt again

Howard waves at curveballs again

Phillies no win again

3. Atlanta Braves

Jair Jurrjens fun name

Young talent tradition big name

Not the right year yet

4. Florida Marlins

Young young Florida

Hanley amazing center field

But he plays shortstop

5. Washington Nationals

Jim Bowden is fired

Source of humor is no more

But they will stink still

MLB Preview – AL West

More haiku. See the AL Central and AL East previews:

1. Anaheim Angels

Anaheim O.C.

It is not Los Angeles

Angels will win some

2. Texas Rangers

Mucho offense dude

Super prospects on the way

But no pitchers now

3. Oakland Athletics

Holliday is good

Young pitchers could lead the way

But nothing certain

4. Seattle Mariners

Ken Griffey is back

But Morrow is not starting

Old people no win

MLB Preview – AL Central

Once again, haiku:

1. Cleveland Indians

Past up and comer

Had much bad luck befall them

Grady seizes the day

2. Minnesota Twins

Forever small payroll

Makes the best of scant assets

Will win more than seems

3. Chicago White Sox

Swing Alexei swing

Do not walk like Ozzies team

Runs are limited

4. Detroit Tigers

Talent on paper

Even with fat first baseman

But wins will not come

5. Kansas City Royals

JoePos is hero

Zack Greinke is good pitcher

Long way to go still